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Ten Policies Posted for 30-Day, All-Campus Review

November 1, 2017

Revisions to nine existing policies and one new policy have been posted for a 30-day, all-campus review and comment period from November 1 to November 30, 2017. Versions of these drafts were provided previously to representatives of campus constituent groups for review and then revised, as appropriate, in response to their comments.

Descriptions of the proposed policy changes are provided below. To comment on the policy drafts, click on the links for the individual policies below or email  We hope to hear from you.

UAP 1050 (“Photo Identification Cards”)

  • The policy has been updated to reflect current practices. It includes a new section on using a preferred first name on LoboCards.

UAP 2205 (“Minors on Campus”)

  • This 2016 policy was revised to clarify requirements and other expectations, such as a yearly compliance certification (see Section 1) and a mandatory camp checklist (see Section 4.3). Certain of the definitions in Section 2 were refined, as was Section 4.2 on background checks. In Section 5, the liability insurance requirement for external organizations was made more specific. Exhibit A was modified and new exhibits were added.

UAP 2720 (“Prohibited Discrimination”—new title)

  • The Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity significantly revised the policy to expand, refine, and clarify the types of prohibited discrimination. The draft has new sections on definitions, gender identity and preferred first names, and hate/bias crimes and incidents. It clarifies reporting procedures and discusses reasonable accommodations for pregnancy and religious observation.

UAP 2730 (“Sexual Harassment”) and UAP 2740 (“Sexual Misconduct”—new title)

  • UAP 2730 will be rescinded and certain of its elements have been incorporated into the UAP 2740 draft. Other minor changes to UAP 2740 address Department of Justice concerns. 

UAP 3215 (“Performance Improvement and Discipline”—new title)

  • The Division of Human Resources revised the policy to reflect a new process for progressive discipline that eliminates certain elements of the current process and adds new ones. Roles and responsibilities are clarified and suspension is removed as a disciplinary option except in extraordinary circumstances. New sections discuss peer hearings and arbitrations, which are now administered by the Chief Compliance Office rather than the Ombuds Services for Staff Office.

UAP 3220 (“Ombuds Services for Staff”)

  • A committee significantly revised the policy to reflect the current practices and limitations of Ombuds Services for Staff. It affirms that Ombuds Services is a confidential, informal, and voluntary resource. Procedures on peer hearings have been removed in that they are now facilitated by the Main Campus Compliance Office; peer hearings and arbitrations are now addressed in UAP 3215 (“Performance Improvement and Discipline”—a new title), as also noted above.

UAP 3405 (“Holidays”)

  • The policy was revised to clarify several situations that have led to confusion in the past. In Section 2, a minimum number of days (seven) for winter break is specified and the University President is explicitly authorized to grant additional holiday days. Section 2.4 (formerly titled “Off Campus Employment”) discusses alternate holiday schedules and Section 4 details holiday compensation. Section 4.1.1 eliminates the payment of straight time for nonexempt employees who separate from the University and have unused holiday pay, but retains the payment of premium pay, plus any applicable shift differential, for nonexempt employees who cannot take a day off when required to work on a holiday.

UAP 5010 (“Key Authorization”)

  • In that this policy had not been updated since 2006, it needed an update to reflect current practices and roles.

UAP 5050 (“Facility Maintenance, Repair, and Alteration”) - NEW

  • This new policy defines the roles of the Physical Plant Department; Planning, Design, and Construction; and departments in terms of facility maintenance on campus. It also requires that PPD or PDC authorize any repair or alteration (as the term is defined in the policy) of University facilities.

UAP 7780 (“Use of University Vehicles”)

  • The policy was updated to reflect current practices and responsibilities. Section 9.2 was expanded to include additional prohibitions that apply to drivers of University vehicles.