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President Stokes Approves Six Policies

June 12, 2018

On June 11, 2018, President Stokes approved six policies, two new policies and revisions to four existing policies. Last semester, the policy drafts were disseminated to constituent group representatives, posted for a 30-day, all-campus review and comment period from March 20 to April 20, 2018, and then, as appropriate, revised based on the comments received on the drafts. President Stokes declined to approve revisions to a seventh policy that was included with the others, University Administrative Policy (UAP) 6130 ("Emergency Control").

Below are brief descriptions of the approved new policies and policy revisions and links to the policies:

Two New Policies

UAP 5250 (“Use of University Facilities”)

  • The Policy Office drafted the policy, assisted by a committee of stakeholders from both sides of campus. The policy discusses appropriate standards, priorities, and guidelines for scheduling facilities, events, and special events on campus. The policy applies to UNM’s Albuquerque campuses.  

UAP 6020 (“Records Management, Retention, and Disposition”)

  • This policy discusses how the University complies with the Public Records Act (PRA), a separate statute from the Inspection of Public Records Act. It defines “public records” and “non-records” for the purposes of PRA compliance, and provides guidance on electronic communications and on litigation and other “holds.” The policy describes the roles and responsibilities of the University’s Chief Records Officer, Records Management Department, and individual units in ensuring proper records management, retention, and disposition.

Revisions to Four Existing Policies

UAP 2240 (“Respectful Campus”)

  • Previously, the UAP and Faculty Handbook contained substantially the same Respectful Campus policies. This changed last year when the Faculty Handbook version, Policy C09, was revised. Using the updated Policy C09 as a starting point, the Policy Office revised the UAP version with the assistance of a committee of campus constituent representatives, including a faculty governance representative who had worked on the Policy C09 revisions. The UAP version of the policy applies to non-faculty.

UAP 2560 (“Information Technologies Governance”)

  • The new Chief Information Officer, in collaboration with the Health Sciences Center, revised the policy to reflect the current governance structure, and the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved in centrally and locally managed technologies.

UAP 3215 (“Performance Improvement” – new title) 

  • Revisions to this policy first went out for public comment in Fall 2017. Based on the comments received, the Division of Human Resources and the Policy Office hosted a series of town hall meetings to discuss further revisions. The revised policy reflects a new focus on progressive discipline and its elements, clarifies roles and responsibilities, expands on performance coaching and informal resolution, and clarifies examples of proper/just cause for disciplinary action. A new section discusses peer hearings, which are now administered by the Chief Compliance Office rather than Ombuds Services for Staff.

UAP 3430 (“Catastrophic Leave Program”)

  • The Policy Office and Human Resources worked together on these revisions to reflect an upcoming change, clarify definitions and criteria, and streamline the policy. The revisions will become effective on July 1, 2018, when the University plans to start using a third-party vendor to determine catastrophic leave eligibility. This policy applies only to staff employees.