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President Stokes Approves Minor Revisions to Ten Policies

August 15, 2018

On August 14, President Stokes approved minor revisions to ten administrative policies, using an abbreviated process for policy review. Under Section 5.1 of the University Administrative Policy (UAP) 1100 (“Development and Approval of University Policies”), “If the Director of University Policy and Administrative Planning determines that proposed changes are minor in nature and either required by regulatory changes or necessary to conform to current practices, an abbreviated policy revision process may be used.” Descriptions of the changes are provided below.

UAP 1150 (“Staff Council”)

  • Revisions align the policy with 2017 changes to the Staff Council Constitution, which clarified requirements for Staff Council membership and the organization’s scope.

UAP 2140 (“Use and Possession of Alcohol on University Property”)

  • Revisions authorize the sale of alcohol at the Tap Room, and substitute “hospitality events” for “social functions” to be consistent with UAP 4000 (“Allowable and Unallowable Expenditures”).

UAP 3240 (“Contract Employees”)

  • Revisions incorporate the definition of “employed” used in practice by Human Resources to determine the appropriate notice periods for the non-renewal of administrative contracts.

UAP 3415 (“Leave with Pay”)

  • Revisions to Section 3.6 clarify that employees on jury duty may retain payments for mileage, in conformance with state law and a Faculty Handbook Policy on jury duty. Revisions to Section 3.7 describe Human Resources’ role in coordinating administrative leave with pay.

UAP 3440 (“Family and Medical Leave”)

  • Revisions align the policy with the federal Family and Medical Leave Act regulations, in particular definitions of a “child” and “parent” (Section 3) and descriptions of “serious health conditions” (Section 6). Revisions to Section 4.1 clarify that although FMLA leave is unpaid it may be used in conjunction with paid leave.

UAP 3600 (“Eligibility for Employee, Retiree, and Dependent Benefit Plans”)

  • Revisions to Section 2.1 extend, for one additional year, temporary changes that expand the categories of employees eligible for benefits covered by the policy. Revisions to Section 2.2 delete outdated information. Revisions to Section 3.6 clarify the treatment of retirees who retired prior to July 1, 2013, the effective date of the Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association established to fund retiree health benefits.

UAP 3700 (“Education Benefits”)

  • Similar to the change noted above for UAP 3700, revisions to Section 2.1 extend, for one additional year, temporary changes that expand the categories of employees eligible for education benefits.

UAP 3740 (“Media Response”)

  • Revisions update position and department titles, which had not been updated since 1991.

UAP 4000 (“Allowable and Unallowable Expenditures”)

  • Revisions to Section 4 clarify when reimbursements and payments are excluded from taxable compensation under the IRS’s accountable plan rule, when they are included (submitted after 60 days and no business purpose), and when they will no longer be processed (after 180 calendar days). Revisions to Section 6 authorize using University funds for a new LoboCard or other identification badge when technology changes (such as a building converting from key access to a swipe card). Revisions to Section 16 require policy exceptions to be consistent with the University’s mission and not provide a personal benefit.

UAP 4030 (“Travel”)

  • Revisions to Section 2 mirror the accountable plan language noted above for UAP 4000. Revisions to Section 4.2 require prior approval for international travel.