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Nine Policies Posted for 30-Day, All-Campus Review

October 25, 2018

Two new policies for the University Administrative Policies (UAP) manual and proposed revisions to seven existing UAP policies have been posted for a 30-day, all-campus review and comment period from October 25 through November 25, 2018. Versions of these drafts were provided previously to representatives of campus constituent groups for review and then revised, as appropriate, in response to their comments.

Descriptions of the proposed policy changes are provided below. To comment on the policy drafts, click on the links for the individual policies below or email  We hope to hear from you.

New Policies:

UAP 5320 (“Universal Design”)

  • The Policy Office and Office of Equal Opportunity drafted the policy in conjunction with the Facility Access Committee, to provide aspirational guidance on the principles of Universal Design on campus. Universal Design promotes welcoming environments that are usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible. The Universal Design principles complement federal and state requirements for accessibility and equal opportunity.  
UAP 6420 (“UNM Public Art Collection”)
  • This policy was drafted by the Policy Office and members of the Public Art Committee, with input from both Main Campus and Health Sciences representatives, including the newly established HSC Arts Advisory Committee. The policy formalizes the role of the Public Art Committee and the process for overseeing the public art collection at UNM.

Revisions to Existing Policies:

UAP 1010 (University Graphic Identity Standards”)

  • This policy has not been revised since 2007. The policy revisions update current practices and design standards, and incorporate UNM’s recent branding initiative, in particular the new UNM logo. The policy was revised by the University Communication and Marketing Department and Policy Office, with input from the Office of University Counsel and others.

UAP 3110 (“Reasonable Accommodation for Applicants, Employees, and Participants with Disabilities”) – revised title

  • This policy has not been revised since 1999, and was updated in collaboration with the Policy Office, Office of Equal Opportunity, and Facility Access Committee. The revisions update definitions, the role of the ADA Coordinator, and the process for the University to make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with a disability. The University has a complementary administrative policy for student accommodations, which will be updated in the near future.

UAP 3225 (“Separation of Employment”)

  • This policy was revised by the Division of Human Resources and the Policy Office to expand the approval process for layoff to include involuntary reductions in appointment percentage (FTE) that impact an employee’s benefits. The revisions also clarify the types and steps of priority hiring for reemployment rights, update Benefits Office references, and add a section on approval of exceptions.

UAP 3750 (“Counseling, Assistance, and Referral Services”)

  • Counseling, Assistance, and Referral Services (CARS) revised the policy, which had not been revised since 2009. The revisions update the services provided by CARS and reiterate the strict confidentiality of client information. CARS services are available for regular full-time and regular part-time employees, supervisors, UNM retirees, and spouses and domestic partners of benefits-eligible employees and retirees.

UAP 4000 (“Allowable and Unallowable Expenditures”)

  • This policy was revised by the University Controller, HSC Executive Officer for Finance and Administration, and Internal Audit to clarify the allowability of refreshments at business meetings, especially for recognition of achievement or scholarship. The revisions also prohibit the use of University funds for expenses (including food) for farewell events, service recognition, or retirement parties, unless authorized by other University policies.

UAP 4030 (“Travel”)

  • The revisions to this policy update the allowable fees covered by the University for commercial airline travel, such as for baggage, seat reservation, early boarding, or other fees, and add language about sponsored research travel. This policy was revised by the Purchasing Department, Provost’s Office, Contract and Grant Accounting Offices, University Controller, HSC Executive Officer for Finance and Administration, Internal Audit, and the Policy Office.

UAP 6410 (“Museums and Collections”)

  • The policy was revised by the Museum Council, Provost’s Office, and the Policy Office to add the Provost’s designee to the Museum Council and to clarify the criteria for lending and borrowing UNM collection items.