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President Stokes Approves Minor Revisions to Three Policies

March 20, 2019

On March 18, 2019, President Stokes approved minor revisions to three administrative policies, using the abbreviated process for policy review outlined in Section 5.1 of University Administrative Policy (UAP) 1100 (“Development and Approval of University Policies”). Descriptions of the policy changes are provided below.

UAP 2520 (“Computer Security Controls and Access to Sensitive and Protected Information”)

  • UNM IT and Internal Audit revised Section 5.4 to include information on data recovery procedures for mission critical systems and data.

UAP 3415 (“Leave with Pay”)

  • The Division of Human Resources revised the policy to move one sentence from Section 3.3 to Section 1 “General,” stating that supervisors may request supporting documentation for leave with pay.

UAP 3500 (“Wage and Salary Administration”)

  • The Division of Human Resources revised Section 5 to clarify that the pay rate for shift work applies to neither exempt employees nor on-call employees.