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Substantial Revisions to Administrative Policy Posted for 30-Day All-Campus Review

August 18, 2022

Substantial revisions to an existing policy in the University Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (UAP) are available for review and comment. The proposed policy changes will be available for a 30-day, all campus review and comment period from August 18 through September 18, 2022.  

Because the revisions are so significant, a clean-copy version of the policy is available for review, however a redline version of the policy draft was not possible. In order to assist in your review, a “preamble” outlining the major revisions to the policy, and three draft process documents (referenced in the revised policy) have also been provided. The Division of Human Resources has advised that the draft process documents are based on the proposed policy revisions, and will remain as drafts until revisions to UAP 3215 have been approved and published. Only the proposed policy revisions are available for comment via this process.

A summary of the proposed policy changes is bulleted below with more detail provided in the linked Preamble. To review and comment on the policy draft, click on the link below.  We hope to hear from you!


Revisions to Existing Policy 

UAP 3215 (“Performance Improvement”) 

This policy contains significant revisions to allow for compliance with Title IX regulations that were effective August 2020, and revisions that are based on best practice. A very brief summary of the revisions is listed below, but for a complete explanation please see the Preamble to Revisions to UAP 3215: Performance Improvement.

  • Separation of Civil Rights violations from Non-Civil Rights violations. 
  • For Civil Rights claims, a new investigation model where one unit (CEEO) conducts investigations and another unit (Hearing Office) conducts a live hearing to determine findings.
  • In Title IX matters, UNM to provide advisors to both complainants and respondents. 
  • Peer hearings to be replaced with a live hearing before a Hearing Officer.