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President Stokes Approves Major Revisions to Four University Administrative Policies

April 14, 2023

President Stokes has approved major revisions to four existing policies in the University Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual.

Descriptions of the policy revisions and a link to the revised policies are provided below:

Revisions to Existing Policies 

UAP 2010 (“Contracts Signature Authority and Review”)

Policy revisions were made to correct position titles, remove gendered language, and align with the increased signature authority threshold allowed for financial settlements that was recently revised in Regents’ Policy Manual - Section 7.8.

UAP 3215 (“Performance Improvement”)

Significant revisions were made to allow for compliance with Title IX regulations that were effective August 2020, as well as additional revisions that were requested by Human Resources. A very brief summary of the revisions is listed below.

  • Separation of Civil Rights violations from Non-Civil Rights violations.  
  • For Civil Rights claims, a new investigation model where one unit (CEEO) conducts investigations and another unit (Hearing Office) conducts a live hearing to determine findings. 
  • In Title IX matters, UNM to provide advisors to both complainants and respondents.  
  • Peer Hearings replaced with Live Hearings.  

UAP 4020 (“New Employee Relocation Allowance”)

This policy was revised to update the section on the responsibility for and procedures to secure a quote for new employees to relocate to New Mexico. Section 5, “Exceptions”, was also updated to allow for a formal, written exception process for items not already covered in this policy.

UAP 7710 (“Property Management and Control”)

In addition to clean-up of policy language and departmental titles, the policy revisions, as requested by the Office of the University Controller, include modifying the definition of “Inventoried Property” to more closely align with NM law that requires items of an acquired cost of over $5,000 to be reported as property. This replaces a portion of the current departmental reporting procedures, and specifies that computers, although still requiring property tags, will not be subject to annual departmental inventory reporting.  This is a significant change to current policy, and will substantially alleviate the process and procedural workload for individual units and UNM Inventory Control.