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President Stokes Approves New and Revised University Administrative Policies

June 8, 2023

President Stokes has approved a new policy in the University Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual - Policy 3245: Remote Work, and major revisions to two existing policies: UAP 3405: Holidays and UAP 3500: Wage and Salary Administration.

In accompaniment of new UAP 3245: Remote Work, revisions to 11 existing University Administrative Policies have also been approved. 

UAP 3245: Remote Work (NEW)

The new policy formalizes a remote-work program for staff, establishes common definitions pertaining to remote-work, establishes eligibility for remote-work opportunities for staff, formalizes a Remote Work Agreement, outlines responsibilities for out-of-state employees, and establishes a procedure for exceptions.

UAP 3405: Holidays

This policy revision adds Juneteenth to the list of Observed Holidays, as designated by President Stokes.  

UAP 3500: Wage and Salary Administration

This policy contains significant revisions to allow for greater flexibility in the administration of wage and salary for staff. The revisions follow best-practices in higher education, and will assist departments with recruitment and retention efforts, and the ability to pay staff based on relevant education and experience using HR's new SPET tool. The policy revisions also strengthen the University’s commitment to internal equity, recommending that equity be applied at organizational level 3. Please see UAP 3500 Summary of Changes for a more detailed description of the revisions.


The following 11 policies contain revisions that correspond with compliance provisions for Remote Work:

UAP 2500: Acceptable Information and Information System Use (revised title)

UAP 2520: Accessing and Safeguarding Personally Identifiable and Controlled Information (revised title)

UAP 2635: Payroll Deductions, W-2s, and Tax Reporting

UAP 2650: Payment When Terminating Employment

UAP 2670: Garnishments and Other Wage Withholdings

UAP 3200: Employee Classification

UAP 3210: Recruitment and Hiring

UAP 3270: Suspected Impairment

UAP 3300: Paid Time

UAP 3635: Unemployment Compensation

UAP 7730: Taking University Property Off Campus